Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Surrogacy.. the very very beginning

So the surrogacy journey has officially begun. The hurry up and wait is over, and we are on our way!

For those of you who don't know, I have wanted to do surrogacy since my first child was born. I loved everything about being pregnant; the way I felt, the way I looked, the feeling of having a baby in my body. I never thought I would want a second child though, mine was way too much to handle all on her own.

Then came #2. Very much of a surprise, very much unplanned. I was uneasy about the prospect of having another baby to take care of, even though I was very much enjoying being pregnant again. It was during this second pregnancy that I decided I would like to pursue the idea of being a surrogate. Infancy was never one of my favorite times of child-raising, and my own children give me enough trouble.. lol!! Having gone through nearly 10 years of believing I could never have children, I know very well what these couples, and single people go through believing and often being faced with the reality that they can never have children. I believe that I was given a gift when I got pregnant with my daughters, and I hope to give that same gift to another deserving person.

So, back to my journey. The last few months have been filled with lots of 'hurry up and wait'. There was the hurry up and meet the intended parent, the hurry up and get the IUD out so we can proceed. The contract period, the months of communication about processes and getting set up with the clinic. Then there was the hurry up and get to the doctors to do the blood-work so that we can.. you guessed it.. wait for your next cycle to begin before progressing.

It appears that is finally over. The hurry up and wait has moved along to emailed instructions and pharmaceutical deliveries. Right now I've got medication in the mail and instructions to start birth control. Soon will begin the daily injections and the preliminary ultrasound. Things are progressing quickly and I am excited, nervous, and a little apprehensive. My 'tentative transfer date' is in early July!!!

This process is crazy! I'm very pleased to be involved, and I am looking forward to helping a wonderful little family get its start. Follow me as I take this journey; I promise its going to be an interesting ride!

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