Monday, June 13, 2011

Remember how I"m terrified of needles?

So tomorrow is a big step in the surrogacy journey. A BIG step. And I'm a little freaked out.

I have to start injections tomorrow.


The girl who's scared to death of needles..

Injecting myself.

What did I get myself into???

I mean, granted.. I've been pregnant twice now. I've gotten stuck plenty of times. Getting poked for bloodwork has almost (almost) become a non-event to me. My fear of needles and absolute and utter horror at getting shots and blood drawn has become pretty tame after two pregnancies and all this pre-surrogacy testing. But that's when someone else is doing it to me. I don't have to watch that!

This, I have to do to myself. I have to pinch my skin (my belly skin.. not a fun place to get a shot!) I have to put the needle in my skin and inject the medicine. I have to do this for the next.. 14 days.

I don't see myself being a very happy camper for the next 2 weeks. Someone better find me a good place to hide from the world so I don't kill someone.


  1. Would it be easier to do it in your thigh or butt?

  2. yeah, I re-read the instructions and I can do it in my thigh.. much easier..


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