Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Turning it all around!!

New Year's Day 2015
The Day it all changed

For many years now, I've lived under the shadow of the emotional trauma that comes with the type of experience that I've had. 

I had my good times,and my bad times. The bad times probably outweighed the good most of the time, but there were still some very good times. 
I've lived in a lot of crazy situations since I moved back from Michigan.

*In my ex's parents house
*In a hotel
*In a house that was undergoing eviction
*With my ex
*On my own

I always looked for things to get better by some kind of magic. The right job had to fall into my lap, or the right guy had to come along and make everything better. 
It was a story that I'd told myself for so many years that I really believed it. 
Without 'help' I was always just stuck. 

So on New Year's Eve, I took my kids out, and my friend's kids.. and we all had a blast. My daughter's father did not join us. 
He did not come home afterwards either. 
I. Was. Angry. 

 But as I lay in my bed the next morning, all alone, I had an epiphany of sorts if you will. 
I realized that my actions were my own, and that maybe I had something to do with how the night had ended. After all, my anger had turned a simple miscommunication into a big fight that he had decided not to come back because of. 

And that was when it hit me. 
I wasn't living in a way that was making things better. 
I was living a life of anger, disappointment, and hurt. And it was hurting those around me.
Very quickly I realized some very important things:

I had to Live In Love if I wanted things to be different.

I had to Live in Hope

I did it once before.. with a little girl named S. She was the greatest teacher of  
Love and Hope
that I could possibly have asked for. 
Through her, I know that living in love is possible. I know that living with hope is worthwhile. I know that great things can truly happen. 

So now I am living in Hope
Hope that you all believe in these things as much as I do. 
The lessons that I learned while carrying this girl are things that apply to people of all ages, all backgrounds. They are messages of self-worth, of determination and strength. 
These are the stories that the world NEEDS to hear! 

The biggest part of livin in Love and Hope when you are working to enrich the lives of others is always to also be sure you are living in Action!

The Ultimate Love Story:
Saving Stormie: The Baby S Story

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The goal is to raise $9000
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We would be so thankful for your support! 
It has  been stated elsewhere before, but our supporters are the reason that Baby S has made it as far as she has. We love you!!

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