Thursday, March 20, 2014

The big release!

After 3 days of watching, the book has made its Amazon debut! Kindle is available now, paperback in a few days I'm told.

I apologize for the short and sweet post, I've been sick.. no rest for the weary!


  1. Hello! We were in the same cafemom online group when you were carrying Baby S. We even spoke via private message a few times. That was before the diagnosis that sent everything into a tail spin. After your updates in the group about everything going on with Baby S and the IP's I kept you guys in my prayers and tried to keep tabs on what was happening. We adopted a special needs child a few years ago and I want to personally thank you for giving Baby S a chance. Just because a child has special needs does not mean their life is not valuable. Our daughter does not speak and is globally delayed but she has such joy. She will never marry or go to prom but those are OUR dreams not hers. I am still praying for you, Baby S and her adoptive family. I am so glad I found your blog here. Hugs!


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