Wednesday, December 17, 2014

No 'Easy Sell'

SO.. how is life for all the rest of the world?
For us, it's never easy.

I've become accustomed to having to work harder for an accomplishment than most of my peers. So it was no big shock when the publishing company that I'd contracted with to publish the Baby S Story went bankrupt and took my work off the shelves.

Not a big shock, but still very disappointing.

You see... the beginning of sales was very easy and fun! I talked to a lot of great people; had lots of great ideas, and got some serious work done within the first few weeks of the book being published. With guest bloggers and promo readers lined up and a big ad in a national magazine all lined up, I thought there was a good chance that something good would come of sharing S's story.

After all, her story isn't just one of a disabled child coming into the world. Her story is much more than that.

It's a cautionary tale of surrogacy for others to learn about
It's a tale of strength to help struggling pregnant mothers remain true to themselves.
It's testament to the power of love and  belief in the positive.

It is, in short, what has made ME.

It's changed my life, my health, and my perspective.

All of that can't possibly be fit into one (slightly) fictionalized memoir. And so a second manuscript is being drafted. I can't wait to share it with you all.

Yesterday, a Kickstarter campaign was launched.

What did I learn, how did I grow?
How did being the surrogate to this incredibly complex and yet incredibly resilient and amazing child change me?
How will surrogacy change as a result of my experiences?
How do I want it to change?

There are several different prizes I'm offering for contributing to this project. Baby S is a big part of my life and journey.. come make her a part of yours too!

As of right now, Kickstarter is the launching point.
So take a look HERE

And many blessings to you during these holiday days.

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