Sunday, February 23, 2014

Surprise! I'm not..

I often get confused for a conservative Catholic wrapped up in delusion. The thing is, I've never been conservative, or Christian, and I certainly took a dive away from the direction of delusion when I realized exactly how much legal hoopla I was going to have to deal with in order to stand my ground.

The truth is that I am a pagan. Unspecified, undecided, but following the pagan ways for as long as I can remember having a religious preference. I believe that karma is real, and I believe that you get back what you put into the universe. These are the few things about my spiritual beliefs that are different than most people who I speak to who are Christians.

With all of our differences, one of the things that I have in common with many Christians is that we have similar respect and honor for life. Religious views, that is the way that we see the outside world in relation to our own existence, vary amongst many. However it seems as though the old earth based religions have one very pronounced similarity with the spirituality that Jesus preached: they urge you to be a good person.

Could I have been a Christian with the feelings that I have? In some regards yes. I believe many of the same things about morality, integrity, and right from wrong. We have our differences when talking about life after death and the presence of magic (like karma, energy, etc) in the world, but those are things that I can see past. But the point is that I didn't become a Christian. Many people I know who work in holistic health are Christian, because our energies mesh well. I believe that we, as poeple, are at our best when we are in harmony with nature. I also believe in having good morals. These are both things that my spiritual beliefs reinforce in me. These things give me the passion for holistic living that I have.

The fact that my means for capturing interest in the eye of the public is due to my spiritual beliefs and not my holistic ways honestly makes things rather difficult for me. Because the issues surrounding surrogacy and right to life, I thought for a while that I should try to keep the two separate. Over time I'm realizing that not only is there a connection between the two, (and my interesting twist on that) but they can work together to help people. My personal feelings on these spiritual topics led me to my experience as a surrogate. They also led me to my spiritual association as a Pagan. My spiritual beliefs lead me to the desire to be in harmony with nature. This brings me to my holistic path. My kids are just an extention of that; the search for harmony as well as my extensive research into child development, brain development, and experience as both a caregiver and parent.

You see, there is much much more to me than meets the eyes. More than you could ever hope to discern just by reading a few blogs and poking around at my life story from what you can find online.I hope that at least some of the people who read my posts and judge me as 'that pro-life religious freak' will take a moment to understand the chain of events that has brought me to where I am. You may be surprised at what you find.

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