Saturday, May 25, 2013

As the clock chimes..

Times, they are a-changing! 

It's been a little while since I last posted, and so things have changed as the time has gone on. Thanks to everyone who is and has been reading this blog.. but things are about to change quite a bit around here. 

First of all, Baby S is doing fine. I just want to assure you all of that. She is getting so big, and I am so so so proud of her and everything that she is accomplishing. She will be a year old soon, and after that date comes, I don't know that there will be much on this blog about her anymore. 

My family and I are moving forward. I have found some new direction, and will be launching my brand new non-profit business soon. More on that in a few: 

But most of all, we are ready to move forward in our life and get ourselves back to independent living. I am thankful for my kids' dad who has been footing the bill for the hotel where we have been staying for the last 3 months, but I simply cannot stand living in a hotel anymore. It's freaking embarrassing to say I work full time and I live in a hotel with my 2 kids and our dog. Not to mention not being able to cook, clean properly, and having other people have access to my stuff while I"m away (although I haven't suspected anyone of going into our room while we're gone.. still it *could* happen).

My oldest daughter is turning 5 this year. She is amazing and bright and wonderful. In just over a month she will have her birthday, and I already know what she wants. She has told me that she wants her bed back, with all her Tinkerbell sheets and pillows, and her toys. It make me want to cry that I can't give her these things.

Accumulating money is slow. Bills pile up, the van needs repairs, and even clothing and food costs are outrageous. Despite all this I have managed to save almost $1500 in the last 2 months. Housing is expensive in this wonderful state though, and I'm looking at any and every place that I can find under $1200 a month. 

Here is where things get funny. I reluctantly asked the internet world for help back when I was dealing with the immediate effects of being asked to terminate the pregnancy, and my subsequent relocation. I received a LOT of backlash from that request. But.. I also met a fantastic community of wonderful people who were able and willing to help me and my family with the resources I needed. Thanks to them my time in Michigan was spent focusing on doing the best I could for Baby S and my other children, and not on financial trouble or worry. I tell everyone that I was just the vessel, and that my success in bringing Baby S to the world is really thanks to all the amazing people I had supporting me. 

So.. based upon previous experience.. and based upon letters and emails I have received.. I am repeating my request. I never thought that almost a year after birthing that beautiful girl I would still be in the difficult position that I have been in. I know that there are people who will be appalled that I'm asking anyone to help me. I know there are plenty of people who will tell me to go to charities.. which I've already tried. But I'm so close to being able to gain back my independence.. and I think my girls deserve to have a place to call home. 

A friend of mine introduced me to Continue to Give back after Baby S was born. At the time I was using GiveForward, so I never tried to use the site, but I've checked it out now and I really like it :) 

Please, if you feel so inclined.. fill out the info and donate to our cause. We will be having other fundraisers soon, and stay posted for details on the new non-profit as well as other projects and things we will have going on. 
For now.. may you all be blessed, enjoy the weather as it starts to warm up, and continue to hold Baby S in your thoughts and prayers. You are all in mine! <3 span="">