Saturday, August 27, 2011

In for the long-haul!

It's been a little while since I last posted, and I"m sure most of you know about the insanity that has been happening at my house. I am now officially a single parent, and as of a couple days ago, I am once again a contracted surrogate! I am SO excited!

Just one week ago today, I made a crazy journey to PA to meet the doctors that would determine my 'suitability' as a surrogate for this particular NY couple. Needless to say it was a looooong journey, each leg took me over 5 hours, partially in part to the heavy rain on the way up, and my serious miscalculation on the way home that led me directly into New York City. But I digress..

The girls stayed with their father Sunday night, and were to go to their grandparents in the morning. After a very long, rainy, 5 hour drive during which I learned that my daughter was inconsolable and begging for me, I finally arrived at my hotel room. 

 Nice place, quiet, plenty of room. It would have been wonderful; if I hadn't felt so alone! I missed my kids a whole bunch to say the least. So, knowing I would see them soon, I worked on some homework and went to bed. Did I mention I started my Bachelor's program that same week??

Got up in the morning, jumped in the shower, and ready for my appointment. Here I am, don't I look fabulous? lol
 The appointment took forever! Basically it was like a job interview! We went over just about everything in my medical file, which took almost a full hour! Then we did a baseline ultrasound, blood work, and formulated a game-plan that included waiting about a month to get me on birth control, a mock transfer, and then the final transfer sometime around Thanksgiving.

Well, as you can imagine after all that excitement, I felt I deserved to treat myself. So before stopping home, I went to Starbucks and got myself some jet fuel for the way home:
 When in the interview, the doctor mentioned something about being familiar with Connecticut, the general Manchester area, and how high gas prices were there! Gas was at $3.59 at the area in PA where I was, and went up to $3.77 as I got further from Philadelphia on my way home. Imagine my surprise when I crossed over the New Jersey line and found this at a Hess station:
Of course, I filled up!!
$37 for a full tank of gas, now that felt good!

On the way home, I mistakenly took I-87 instead of I-287, sending me directly through New York. Let me just state for the record that I HATE New York traffic. 2 hours to get through Manhattan, almost 6 hours to get home.. I MUST remember next time to take the other route..

To make a very long story at least tolerably short, I got home finally and spoke with my new intended family. There were some concerns over how long the clinic wanted to take to do the transfer, the necessity of the mock transfer, and my personal travel plans to see my mom in St. Louis over Thanksgiving. The family wishes to move things along as soon as possible, and therefore made a request to the clinic to fore-go the month waiting time, and get started right away. So currently I have begun the birth control phase and waiting for the next set of instructions! If all goes well, I shall be pregnant soon!

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