Thursday, May 24, 2012

How do you sleep at night?

Quite some time ago, I received a lot of negative feedback about my decision not to follow through with the IPs wishes and abort the little soul that we have come to know as Baby S. At that time I was still relatively unknown in the surrogate community, only having posted a few little updates here and there. At one point, one of my critics asked me 'How do you sleep at night knowing that you are forcing a child to be born who isn't wanted?
That comment has always stuck with me. It haunted me for weeks, and in quiet moments I can still hear it in my head. But the answer is:
I sleep very well!
I sleep well knowing that the child that I am carrying has a chance.
I sleep well knowing that I can look back on my life and my actions without regrets.
I sleep well knowing that I can be a positive role model for people everywhere who feel pressured to 'get rid of the problem' when faced with a less than ideal pregnancy.
My question is, how do YOU sleep at night?
better yet.. how do the IPs sleep at night?
I'm betting it's not very well..